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Saturday, March 08, 2008

Laugh Away

YUI's new PV 'Laugh away'

She's back in her cute/pure kinda look after trying to feature her rocker side, which obviously doesn't suit her. Most YUI's fans like me will rather her cross-legged, strumming guitar image. This PV kind of remind me of her in 'Feel My Soul'

Simply love the chorus of the song! Made me smile away, repetitive playing jux wont feel sick. Cant wait for her New Album due 9th April!


YUI is incredibly talented to pronounce those tongue twisting lyric since 'Life', 'Cherry' 'How Crazy' & 'I wanna be' Sugoiii, I wish i have that kind of tongue @___@

**Every time i tried my tongue jux got twisted; SAD**

some tough luck in getting job @__@ starting work soon~ finger cross, may everything goes well =] meanwhile singing YUI's songs to pass time!
takre care
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