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Thursday, March 06, 2008

series of up and down

So I got this call from some seafood restaurant to arrange for some interview as a waiter. I thought, according to the net information, they are willing to pay a lucrative of 1.2/mth so why not?

It located somewhere near Bukit Timah, and surround by throng of elite schools from Raffles Girls Pri to Nayang Girls High to Hwa Chong to National JC, and I was like @___@.

For a moment I thought I was lost or something. I kept asking for directions here and there.

I remembered asking 1 girl where is ‘Hillcrest Park?’
’I don’t know’
So I continued to roam forward and I asked a driver the same question
‘Turn back and turn right on the next lane’
And so I walked back and saw that girl walking in the same direction!
I noticed she turned back a couple of times as if sensing my presence of ‘stalking’ (yea I think a lot), that I just quicken my pace and walk ahead of her. Finally I reached and turned back and saw that girl! **I was like Hello u knows the place right and tell me you don’t know**

It was raining all this time that I had to use a piece of pathetic paper (mapping of the location I’d drew) to shelter, -,- look so retard.

The interview, I was told $5 per hour for newbie like me, going to learn A LOT of new things and worst $3 lunch break money. $3???? That place was surrounded by restaurants la, a plate of meal at least $8 or wat not! So I said ‘pending as I had other interview coming’

Guess what? In the midst of locating the stupid restaurant, a girl called me
’Hi kaijie, we had this temp job as customer service’
**I was like did I sign up for that job**
’Eh ok’
And then the list of questions
’Are you still having attachment?’
“Huh, I finished that’
‘Cux your resume wrote to October 2008. is 2007 right’
’Ops,Yea’ I replied stupidly
’We’ll update you sometime later’
***alamak, there goes another potential job****

Then there this Christian based childcare thingy~ They had been updating me for the pass 3 days then today no reply, haiz~~~ Then there this data entry in the period of mid to end march.

Guess throw more darts at more doors again, if not I might jolly well ended as a waiter.
Takre care
桜 & 恋



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